Teenagers frequently engage in a variety of activities and are quite active. As a result, they have the opportunity to try new things and learn new things throughout this time in their lives. As a parent or guardian, you may consider having a list of things to do when bored for teens. These activities will help you keep them occupied and stay away from trouble.


Things to do when bored for teens.


Do a fun photo shoot with your friends.

Go backpacking with a friend.

Explore community resources.

Learn a new sport.

Make a music video or movie.

Play Pickleball or learn a racquet sport.

Learn how to do prank calls to unknown numbers.

Make a music video or movie.

Visit your local library, download a book, and read a new one every week.

Make a fantastic summertime music playlist and plan ahead for the season.

Learn computer programming online.

Cuddle with or play with a pet and Teach them a new trick.

Make a scrapbook of your last year’s adventures.

Walk around a local cemetery and read the headstones.

Run through a sprinkler.

Create some word rocks.

Learn how to hula-hoop.

Watch all the silly cartoons you loved as a child.

require free time to discover their interests.

relax or spend time with friends.

Do a fun photo shoot with your friends.

Play water balloon games.

Host a dinner party.

Eat a food you’ve never tried.

Picnic at a local park.

Discover the art of professional hair braiding.

Learn a foreign language.

Ask if there are extra chores you can do for cash.

Paint your fingernails and toenails with a bright polish.

Host a tea party.

Bonus if you read poetry and serve brownies.

See a local baseball game.

Prepare some delicious appetisers and host a picnic indoors as you watch your all-time favourite comedy.

Hang out in a coffee shop to do homework or talk with new friends.

Host a DIY escape room.

Set up a building challenge.

Take the blindfold drawing challenge.

Make suncatchers and add a splash of colour to your windows.

Give your dog a birthday celebration.

Before you leave for college, make a bucket list of all the adventures you want to go on with your buddies.

Try needlecraft, whether it’s sewing, crochet, knitting, or another form of needlecraft. Volunteer to clean your home town and plant trees.