Firm unveils educational software for students

AN indigenous Information and Communications Technology firm has unveiled an educational software to fight examination malpractice in Nigeria.
The software, BrainFriend Educonnect, according to the developers was built to prepare students in the country against examination malpractice.
The Managing Director, Cinfores Limited, Mr. Ibifuro Asawo, said, “The major cause of examination malpractice is ill preparation, when there is ill preparation students resort to cheating in examinations, but if students are better prepared for examinations, they would not consider malpractice and that is exactly where we come in, this improved product is built to prepare students adequately in all subjects, access their assimilation and score them accordingly.
“Our product has video lessons with live teachers to complement what teachers do in classrooms, it also has an assessment section after learning to evaluate the level of students’ assimilation of each topic taught. It also has a virtual laboratory for pupils to carry out their experiments with the same physical experience.
“Brainfriend has provision for a virtual study group where students’ link with the study partners across the country. With all these provisions, examination malpractice would be a thing of the past.”
The Director, Finance and Administration, Cinfores Limited, Nwogu Ikechi, said the goal of the company was to redefine education in Nigeria using technology.