The new tablet, announced earlier this year, is expected to ship with Android 13 and a range of tablet-optimized apps from Google.

It looks like the Pixel Tablet could be the first Android device to only ship with 64-bit software.

Pixel Tablet could be the first 64-bit Android device because an android source code discovered by Mishaal Rahman indicates that Google is testing a 64-bit version of Android 13 on a device codenamed “Tangor”, believed to be the Pixel Tablet, which would be able to optimize the use of memory thanks to the 64-bit operating system, but which, however, would not be able to run 32-bit apps.

Apple made this transition in 2017 for iOS, but since 2019 Google has mandated that all apps submitted to the Play Store have 64-bit versions.

This transition to 64-bit Android should therefore not affect the vast majority of users, but with the transition to 64-bit only iOS, it was no longer possible to run many old games at the time, so a similar scenario could arise for the Google tablet.

On the other hand, ARM has already announced that it will only develop 64-bit CPUs from 2023 to improve energy efficiency, but Google has already confirmed that Pixel Tablet will use the Tensor chipset which still has the 32-bit architecture.