The year 2022 has been a roller-coaster of events which had impacts in the world.

Down below are 8 fascinating events which occurred in the year 2022.

1. Apple becomes the first company to reach a stock market value of $3 trillion.

In January, Apple’s value briefly hit the $3 trillion mark, making it the first publicly traded company to do so.

Its value has since declined, as it and other companies face a skittish economy still reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and record inflation. Apple was also the first company to be valued at $1 trillion, in 2018, and $2 trillion, in 2020.

2. Scientists pinpoint how star formation in our galaxy began.

Scientists can explain for the first time what triggered the formation of stars in the Milky Way, according to a paper published in Nature in January.

Researchers say a chain reaction of supernovae about 14 million years ago led to the creation of a 1,000-light-year-wide bubble, at the center of which lies our galaxy.

Though scientists knew this bubble existed, they recently discovered that all the local star-forming regions sit on its surface, because the chain reaction pushed away the dust and gas needed to produce new stars to the bubble’s edges

3. Victoria’s Secret features a model with Down syndrome.

The Puerto Rican model Sofía Jirau is the first woman with Down syndrome to become a Victoria’s Secret model.

4. The first person of color heads the British government.

Rishi Sunak was born in southern England to parents who emigrated from British colonial East Africa.

His grandparents were from the Punjab region of India. In October, he made history as the first person of color to become prime minister of Britain.

He is also the first person of the Hindu faith to sit in that office — and may even be the first prime minister who comes to the job with more wealth than the British royal family.

Mr. Sunak, a former banker, and his wife, whose father co-founded the information technology company Infosys, are worth an estimated 730 million pounds (about $870 million); the late Queen Elizabeth II’s wealth was estimated at about 370 million pounds ($440 million), according to the Sunday Times Rich List. Mr. Sunak was the chancellor of the Exchequer under Boris Johnson. He replaced Liz Truss, the embattled prime minister who served only 44 days.

5. The FIFA World Cup is hosted in the Middle East for the first time.

The 2022 World Cup was held in Qatar, a first for the country and for the Middle East. This is also the first World Cup to take place in the winter in the northern hemisphere. Qatar spent billions of dollars building facilities and upgrading its infrastructure in the lead-up to the event.

6. Argentina wins World Cup 

More than a million fans gathered in Buenos Aires to celebrate the victory – its first in the World Cup since 1986.

Supporters gathered at the city’s obelisk, on to which pictures of the players were projected.

Many said that the victory had brought them joy at a time of economic hardship.

7. Death of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-running British monarch, reigned the nation for 70 years, surpassing the reign of her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.


Queen Elizabeth II died of old age on September 8 in Scotland at the age of 96.

8. The world’s population reaches 8 billion.

On Tuesday 15 of November the world grows to a total population of 8 billion, growing by 1 billion in the last dozen years and reflecting the rapid population spike of the past few decades, with India projected to become the world’s most populous country by next year, surpassing China.