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Food for Thought: Between Rabbit and Tortoise


Food for Thought: Between Rabbit and Tortoise

Did you notice that a RABBIT runs, jumps, moves faster and lives for only 15 years, while TORTOISE doesn’t even attempt any of such activities, but lives for 150 years or more.

Life is not about rushing, comparison and doing what others are doing.

Life is about keeping calm and doing what is right and what you are called to do.

Rabbit and tortoise may live in the same forest and play together, they have different life expectancies.
Remember that you have:

*Age Mates*
*Class Mates*
*School Mates*
*Office Mates*
but you don’t have *

*Be who you are called to be and don’t try to be somebody else. No need for competition in life*

Love who you are and thank God, for your special journey, which may not look like others!

This is the simplest way to succeed in life:


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