Being a teen doesn’t mean you can’t be an entrepreneur or have side jobs which you can make a load of cash out of.

They are alot of jobs on the side you can engage in that don’t take much time out of your day that can bring about #100,000 a month


If you have a flare for writing or socializing, you have to consider taking up this side hustle.

While blogging takes more time to start, it is very rewarding. You can earn about N600,000 to N1 million from owning a blog.

The key is consistency and stability.

To grow your blog, you need to post at least three times in a week, and the more specific your content is, the better you have to make a difference.

Blogging allows you to know your expertise and allows others to trust your content, which gives room for advertisers to consider patronising you.

Gaming business

The gaming business is worth about $90 billion, according to reports, this makes awareness that gamers are making huge money despite the developing nature of the industry in Africa.

It is an easy go for gamers. They can start to earn extra income, but, importantly, they must play.

For game lovers, this side hustle is an easy go-to. Sites like StartPlaying, a fantasy platform and twitch connect players with professional Game Master who set their rates and conditions.

According to The Sun UK, Game Masters can charge players for seats at their tables, determine what sort of games to offer, and choose the number of players, schedule and rules.

Players can earn an hourly rate of $15 to $50 which is about $360 to $1200.

As you get engaged in this, don’t be to carried away because you also need to focus on your education

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is a great way to make cash, as you can only work a few hours daily.

Virtual assistance differs for each client who you work for, but it mostly includes supporting business owners and taking on tasks they don’t have time for.

You may be replying to emails, managing social media engagement, data entry, scheduling appointments, graphic design, writing newsletters, or creating content. Virtual assistants earn as much as $25 per hour, about $600 a day.

Buy and resell

This side business has different ways to approach it. For example, you can get a product in a large amount like refreshments,toys, chocolate and snacks then sell them in retail adding your own profit.

Sites like eBay are great places to start, depending on the subscription tier.

Facebook Marketplace is another great platform to resell your goods, but you must create a listing by signing in to your Facebook or Instagram profile, plus It is free.

Delivery services

The presence of e-commerce businesses has made delivery more essential.

People can get just anything delivered – from food, groceries, clothes and many other things.

The delivery business is a very lucrative side business because you can control how much you want to work.