Nollywood actress Bella Ebinum has also discussed why many actresses are successful and live a glamorous lifestyle.

Kunle Remi sparked a debate when he asked why his female colleagues were wealthier than their male counterparts.

In the comments section of a blog, Bella agreed with Anita Joseph that many of the actresses rely on sugar daddies.

Bella admitted that she wonders why some of her coworkers are more successful than her, especially since they do the same job.

When she joined the Benz gang, the upcoming actress credited someone for gifting her a Benz.

“Even me self when be bae I asked myself same question. Abeg no be same job we de do? Where una dey see money claim day na una build this and buy that. Yes we know say hardwork pays but the one that u didn’t buy with your money say it oo!! At least when I got a Benz I no lie say na hard work give me. I said it categorically that it was a gift that favor of God is better than labor”.

An Instagram user who disagreed with her stated that it is possible to meet a man who will lavishly spend money on them without sexual intercourse.

“Maybe you have not hit any man that will start giving you lot of money tho”.

Bella Ebinum explained that she was only demanding honesty from her female colleagues.

She used herself as an example, noting how she publicly credited someone for getting her a car, whereas many of her coworkers would pretend they bought it with their own money.

“Do you not hear I said I got a Benz as a gift and I stated it that it was a gift. I no lie say na me buy am. What am saying is if man gives the women something they should be sincere and say it that na man do am at least the man self deserves some credit. Make them no dey lie say na their sweat”.