The Nigerian Youth; Half a dozen and six
What is logical in politics is not always practical, what is practical is not always right. What is right is not always ethical, what is ethical is not always desired and what is desired takes us back to what is not logical…
The Nigerian youth is a victim of power, property, prestige, popularity and pomposity…it is these ‘p’ factors that make it impossible for the Nigerian youth to do that which should be done, it is the illogical, the wrong that becomes ethical. Let me start this way…One should keep one’s eyes on where one is going, not where one stumbled. (The best course of action is not to dwell on setbacks, but to resolutely face the future.)
But how can they look to where they are going…when only last week the Nigerian blueprint for 2050 was released, first by a dude that is in his 50s, and then with the only encouragement being that, it would be run by the organized private sector, don’t ask me which OPS are we talking here.