The YouTuber is unbeaten as a pro boxer from six fights but now wants to “disrupt” MMA.

Paul, who will compete in the PFL’s new ‘Super Fight’ series, mentioned Nate Diaz as a potential opponent for his debut.

“I know this is a tough sport, but if I can do it in boxing I can do it in MMA,” 25-year-old Paul said.

Paul will also hold an advisory role as the PFL’s ‘head of fighter advocacy’.

The American has been a vocal critic of the UFC and its president Dana White, in particular how much the organisation pays its fighters.

The PFL has branded itself as a “fighter-first” organisation since launching in 2017 and its new ‘Super Fight’ division will see fighters take home 50% of the pay-per-view revenue.

“A true 50/50 partnership with fighters that still allows them to be individuals,” Paul said.